Reading Monday, June 27, 2016

Three card reading for Monday, June 27, 2016 is from the Morgan-Greer Tarot (Tarot in a Tin) by Bill Greer & Lloyd Morgan.  US Games Systems, Inc. 1979,1993,2015.

Morgan-Greer Tarot The World – Two of Pentacles – Six of Rods

Today’s reading speaks of balance; balance needed, achieved, maintained.  Rinse and repeat – for balance can be achieved, but constant and careful diligence is necessary to keep it that way.  Continue reading

Soul-Full Sunday June 26, 2016

This week’s Soul-full Sunday Oracle Guidance is from the Chrysalis Tarot by Toney Books and Holly Sierra.  Used with permission, U.S. Games Systems, Inc. 2014.

Chrysalis Tarot

We begin the week with the energy of the Page of Spirals “The Mime”.  Spirals correspond with Wands in traditional Tarot.  Page’s can carry messages or the messenger.  Sometimes we find that the best way to communicate is to be silent.  Mimes communicate through expression, their actions, and general demeanor.  Their message is conveyed through non-verbal communication.

“Silence is the art of the soul.  The famous mime, Marcel Marceau, said his goal was always to ‘reveal the inside of the Self and the depth of our feelings’.  In readings, the Mime sheds gleams of light on the shadow of man startled by his anguish.  Great power and wisdom are communicated with silence.” (pg. 203)

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COTD June 18, 2016

 The card of the day for Saturday, June 18, 2016 is from the Thelema Tarot artwork by, Renata Lechner, written by Jaymi Elford.  Lo Scarabeo – 2015.

Llewellyn's Classic Tarot Four of Wands

Keywords:  Ceremony, completion of an enterprise, homecoming, reunions, gratitude, marriage or other unions, contracts signed, celebrations, treaties, social or community gatherings.

The Four of Wands always gives me the warm & fuzzies when it turns up in a reading and today is no different.  The scene depicted shows two doves hovering above the scene which symbolize peace and romance.  To that I would add harmony and a feeling of homecoming.  Whatever the occasion, hearts are light and filled with love.  Whether it’s a romantic love or just a general sense of being surrounded by love, and acceptance, the atmosphere is light and contented.    Continue reading

COTD June 17, 2016

The card of the day for Friday, June 17, 2016 is from Llewellyn’s Classic Tarot by Barbara Moore, illustrated by Eugene Smith.  Llewellyn Publications, 2014.

Llewellyn's Classic Tarot

Two of Wands

Keywords:  vision, energy, authority, ability, determination, dominance, intention, business or career proposal or decision, confidence.

“Not knowing when the dawn will come
I open every door.”
― Emily Dickinson

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