A Fool Reading

A Fool Reading;  (in honor of April Fool’s Day)

This spread was taken from:  Rachael Pollack’s, Tarot Wisdom – Spiritual Teachings and Deeper Meanings.

I used the Legacy of the Divine Tarot for this reading.   by: Ciro Marchetti

  1. How have I been a fool in my life? 7 of Coins Rx.  Obviously I have not made any investments.  Not where real products or monies are concerned.  Its harvest time and my fields are barren.  I like material things as well as the next person, but I do not feel lacking as a lot of people might see it.
  2. How has it helped me? The World Rx.  Well I don’t have a lot of things to tie me down or take up so much of my time that I wouldn’t have time to explore new and wondrous things, such as my passion for the Tarot.  I don’t have an investment in worldly things, that is true, but I have the joy and opportunity to spend more time with my grand-children and other family because I don’t punch a time clock.  I don’t have the burden of thinking I need to “keep up with the Jones’s”
  3. How has it hurt me? 10 of Coins.  Well there won’t be any big paychecks in the near future.  There are no rainy day funds, but the tulips on the chest show riches of another sort.  They represent to me, not only the material but more the spiritual, and the more earthy, natural treasures.   The things that really matter in life.  I for one do not see that it has hurt me in anyway.
  4. Where in my life do I need to be more Foolish? The Tower.  This says to me, “ Don’t be so rigid in your routine”.  I’m a fairly serious persons, but with a silly streak.   I need to go more with the flow of any changes in my routine.  I’m pretty easy going as long as I have certain things accomplished.  Once those daily routine things are done, then I’m usually game for about anything.  But, I don’t like my routine up to a point changed in any way.  I am reminded also, to take nothing for granted.  Especially where the Fool is concerned.  Anything and or everything can change in the blink of an eye.
  5. Where will the Fool not serve me? King of Coins.  The king is in control o every aspect of his life.  The Fool will not serve here because the King is too focused and disciplined. He regulates the balance and harmonies of nature.  His wealth is the wealth of the world and he is its steward.  He has no time or patience for foolishness.  So when the time is clear for serious thought and planning for stability and sustenance, the Fool can play no part.  He must be “shooed” out the door and on his way to not distract from the task at hand.
  6. Where do I find the Fool outside myself? 2 of Coins.  I see the Jester who thinks he has everything perfectly balanced.  But for how long can he keep up this juggling act?  It can’t last forever.  The cycle he rides is bound to hit a rut or something else that will cause him to tip and crash.  Only a Fool would think they could juggle everything indefinitely.
  7. What gifts does it bring me? The Empress.  I had to smile as I turned this card over.  The gifts here are endless and beyond the scope of the ‘Fool’ as we know him.  The Fool with his juggling act of the 2 of Coins, finds the true Balance of life in the circle of birth and re-birth.  The never ending flow and change of the joyous un-inhibited celebration of fertility in all things.  The gifts of life and the assurance that life goes on and on.  The gift, that although it is a delicate balance, promises that life will find a way.  As with All Fool’s day (first day of April), and the promise of a new growth season, the Empress brings gifts of life renewed and birth to all things Mundane as well as Marvelous.
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