A Journey to Faery

“Remember, each journey into Faery is complete

only when we come home again

and make human sense of faery nonsense,

passing on or making use of

whatever we have learned.” –Brian

Join me on an enchanted journey to the Land of Faery of Brian Froud and Jessica Macbeth, using “The Faeries’ Oracle”

(The Faeries’s Oracle, by Brian Froud, and the companion book by Jessica MacbethSimon & Schuster, publishing-2000)

I have owned this beautiful Oracle for a few years, but until now had not really looked at it beyond glancing through the cards and book when it first arrived.  There is a time for everything,  and I guess  it was just not the right time for me.  Now I am drawn to explore and experience it.

The Fee Lion

Card 65 – The Fee Lion is the card that I am starting my Journey with.  He was pulled at random and is a very grumpy looking fellow indeed!   I was delighted to note that Brian and Jessica give a special credit to the Fee-Lion for his help  in the completion of this project.   This little guy keeps you on the straight and narrow, watching and critiquing every move and action all the while tapping his toe impatiently.   He is peering over your shoulder to make sure you cross all the t’s and dot all the i’s.

From the book: “He makes lists of things we haven’t done, shaking his head over them and muttering, “Tsk, tsk.”  These are the things we should have taken care of by now, but haven’t.  This is his job, and he does it well.

He looks out of his card accusingly, reminding us of things undone, promises unkept, and duties unfulfilled.  He says that we can’t expect to have things go right when we are trailing so much unfinished business behind us.

Ohhh yes, I have met this chap, and now I can put a name to him.  He is that nagging voice in my ear reminding me of things that need to be started or things that need completed.  Sometimes its just those nagging everyday things that need attention.

Have you had the pleasure of making  his acquaintance?  Be sure to introduce yourself.

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