A New Can of Worms — Part 1

A King's Journey Tarot

“What is my lesson today?” “What do I need to be shown?”   These are the questions I asked as I shuffled the deck.  From left to right, Two of Coins Rx (reversed) Soul, Two of Wands, and Six of Spirit.  So let’s take a look and see what my lesson is for today.

This deck is quite unique with two added Major Arcana cards and a whole new suit of Spirit.   The Soul card is no. 23 of the Major Arcana and is largely about nourishing your soul and belief in your own personal power.  Stand tall, no matter how many doors slam in your face.

In the suit of Spirit, each upright card has a virtue, and the reversed has a vice.  For the Six of Spirit the Virtue is Integrity.  The affirmation written for this card, “I am the expression of high moral values.  I vibrate harmony from every layer of my being.  I am whole and complete.”   See and appreciate the beauty in all-devote yourself to setting an example for excellence.

The Soul card as the obstacle/challenge and the Six of Spirit as the outcome, complement each other quite well here I think.  The obstacle of slammed doors to overcome, but still stand tall and believe in myself by living and showing a good example for excellence.   I believe I have pretty high values for myself, but maybe I need to raise the bar a bit.  After-all,  there is always room for improvement.

The 2 of Coins Rx represents my current situation or mind-set.  Where things are more balanced in the upright position, they are on more shaky ground now.  Is it really harder to keeps things balanced or is it simply not wanting to juggle and balance those issues.  I want my life on my terms, not everyone else’s.  “Your priorities may need re-examined.”   Ohhh pooo!  No one wants to hear that.

So that brings us to the advice card, the Two of Wands.  Self Empowerment – You have everything you need to make changes, so why do you keep waiting for something “more” to happen.  It’s all YOU.  (the Phoenix symbolizes spiritual transformation.)  It’s time for a change, and I have to make the first step toward those changes.

In summary, there are changes to be made but first I need to re-evaluate my priorities.  Once this happens, obstacles can be overcome and a brand new me can move forward!  The qualities and values I project can be mirrored back to me by setting a good example and through sincerity.

One of the questions here is:  “Ask yourself how you need to shape your actions in order to achieve your goals.”   Well that is the $50 million dollar question of the day/year/decade isn’t it?  And that question is a whole different can of worms.

Have you opened a New Can of Worms lately?

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