Another Successful Day

The Victorian Trade Card Tarot

Ohhh what a busy day.   My usual Monday gig started a bit earlier today than normal, at 4am.  I then dozed in the recliner for a few hours until two of my grand-children arrived.  Feeling a little better at 9am than I did at 4am, (thank goodness) my 4yro grand-daughter and her 17 month old little brother arrived bright eyed, bushy tailed, and hungry.  Hungry seems to be a constant state with them anyway.  Our 10 week old puppy Wolfie, was happy to see them and added to the confusion and the hugs of starting our day.  Between the kids and the pets, my usual Queen of Swords persona didn’t stand a chance.

All in all it was a good day, even though a long and tiring one.  Lessons were taught, some were learned and some were pushed to the edge of the envelope.  No milk was spilled, at least not any amount of consequence.  Looking forward to tomorrow and knowing it will pretty much be an exact replica of today.

Cautiously, I pulled a fourth card and it was the Six of Wands.   Well no ticker tape parade, but everyone got fed, bathed, kissed, hugged, and walked.  No serious injuries and the toys were picked up and put away to start all over again tomorrow.  A successful day in my book.

Images are from the Victorian Trade Card Tarot by Marcia McCord and can be purchased from her web site.

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