Bridging the Gap

This weeks (week beginning February 12, 2012) Oracle Guidance is a card entitled, Drifting.  It’s from The Journey Oracle by Adrienne Tafford and published by Schiffer Publishing Ltd.

lwb- Sit still and take a look around: Are you in the place you hoped to be today?  This week, take stock and see if you are where you want to be, or if you need to make some changes.

So I thought about this and decided to take it a step further today with a three card Bridge reading.

  •  Where I am:  Knight of Swords
  •  Where I’m headed:  Nine of  Coins
  •  How to get there gracefully:  Two of Cups


Where I am with the Knight of Swords is a cautionary note.  I do tend to get tunnel vision when it comes to a subject or project I am very interested in.  The Knight has the tendency to be all gung-ho when he has a mission or quest, rushing head long after his goal and missing the scenery along the way.   Once he completes his quest, he will immediately look for another and be off again.

Where I’m headed is in the Nine of Coins in creating MY space.  The space where I live, entertain, attune, and grow.  An ideal space created where everyone and everything flourishes.  One of the draw backs sometimes seen in the Nine of Coins, is one of solitude.  I don’t usually see this in a negative way though.  For me this is a space that is created as a sanctuary for myself as well as those I wish to share it with.

And what better way to bring this all together gracefully, than with love?

Here’s wishing you an Enchanted week!

*images used are from The Journey Oracle and Simply Deep Tarot both are available from Amazon and Schiffer Publishing Ltd.



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