Card by Card – Ace of Swords

Raidiant Rider-Waite Ace of Swords

If you missed the last Card by Card post on the Queen of Wands, you can read about it here.

Just like last week, I’ll be taking a look at several variations from different decks and gathering that particular Author and/or Artists thoughts and perspectives.

The Ace of Swords is the randomly drawn COTW-card of the week.   What does it mean when you receive this card in a one card daily drawing or it turns up in a spread?

The first Ace of Swords we will be looking at is from the Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc. 2003.

Waite called the Ace of Swords, “Root of the Powers of Air”.  Divinatory Meanings:  Triumph, the excessive degree in everything, conquest, triumph of force.  It is a card of great force, in love as well as in hatred.  The crown may carry a much higher significance than comes usually within the sphere of fortune-telling.  ~A.E. Waite – The Pictorial Key to the Tarot. 

Swords are associated with the element of Air and Intellect.  The Ace: Clear thought; Singleness of mind and purpose.  Justice in thought and deed.

In “Tarot Wisdom – Spiritual Teachings and Deeper Meanings”, Rachel Pollack has this to say on the Ace of Swords.

  “The Ace generally is a straight sword, for singleness of purpose.  At the same time, such swords are usually double-edged, and the idea that it can cut both ways characterizes the entire suit.  There is that quality of intellectual penetration, and then there is the conflict and the pain the sword can cause.

     The Virtue of this suit is Justice, and we see, even feel it, in the Ace more than any other.  We must use the power of intellect for justice, not manipulation.”

This first set are from the Tarot of Dreams by Ciro Marchetti (Standard Edition, self-published – Third Edition now available) & the Golden Tarot by Kat Black (U.S. Games Systems, Inc. 2003)

Ace of Swords - Tarot of Dreams & Golden Tarot

Tarot of Dreams:  In a reading, the Ace of Swords suggests a new idea, an inspiration that strikes us out of the blue, an “aha!” moment which suddenly lights the way to a new and revolutionary understanding of our world and what path to take in  it.  As an Ace, it betokens tremendous opportunity for change and growth.

Golden Tarot:  Inspiration:  Clarity of thought, inspired solutions.  Problems solved and goals reached.

The next pair are from the Llewellyn Tarot by Anna-Marie Ferguson (Llewellyn Publications 2006) & the Anna K Tarot by Anna Klaffinger (self-published Second edition 2008-2010)

Ace of Swords - Llewellyn Tarot & Anna K Tarot

The Llewellyn Tarot:  Action. Great, rising force.  Taking control.  Determination.  Bringing about change.  Direction and enacting ideas.  Quick, clever, decisive action.  Discriminating powers–cutting through and free of the briar.  Clearing the air.  Sense of timing.  Harnessing the winds.  Engaging life.

Anna K Tarot:  Aces can be read as chances that lie in our environment or in ourselves. The Ace of Swords means that we have the chance now to clear things which had been unclear or incomprehensible. We have the chance to dissolve entanglements, to resolve conflicts. Basically the Ace of Swords means that now is the time to put some distance between us and our problems and look at them with a cool head and a clear mind. Out of this perspective we will be able to understand them better.

The last pair is from A King’s Journey Tarot by Chanel Bayless and James Battersby (OOP self-published 2010) & The Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert (Llewellyn Publications edition 2011).

Ace of Swords - The Gaian Tarot & A King's Journey Tarot

The Gaian Tarot:  A butterfly emerges from a chrysalis on a bright spring morning.  You are emerging from a period of gestation, blossoming with new ideas, thoughts, or decisions.  You may find it easy to change outmoded ideas, habits, or attitudes.  Your mind is in harmony with your heart, and you are lighthearted, joyful, and beautiful.

A King’s Journey Tarot:  The eagle symbolizes clarity in vision and thought.  There is freedom in truth & honesty.  Positive decisions & outcome.  Power of communication.  Stand up for what you know is right.  Put pen to pad and jot down all your ideas.  Ultimate truth.  The time is right to start a new business or sign a loan.   “The Fool crosses the gateway into the element of Air, finding power through the written and spoken word.  His sword is like a double-edge tongue, having the power to carve deep wounds or heal with one swift blow.  For added strength, put thoughts to paper or whisper them to the wind, and they’ll be whisked away towards the heavens.  Remember, choose your thoughts and words with care, as these are seeds you’re planting.

In Tarot Dynamics Unleashed, author Anna Burroughs Cook says that Aces signify an inevitable showdown. The Ace indicates an approaching break, or breakthrough in matters.  The better prepared you are, the sooner you’ll begin making the most of your new situation.

     “Card 55 – The Ace of Swords, represents a possibility of winning or losing more than you expect.The more encouraging the situation, or other cards in the spread, the more likely you are to emerge as the victor in matters at work, or at home.  Whatever the reason, you’re ready to be more self-assertive.  Whether or not everyone likes you, they’ll have to respect your fortitude and they’re sure to understand where you’re coming from.

     With card 55, there’s likely to be a little more controversy or adversity swirling around someone you know – or the reasoning behind something you’ve said, or done!  Yet, even upsets, will be accompanied by a moment of crystal clarity when you realize you are “better off” or better equipped to handle matters than you expected.”

Please join me over the next week as I’ll be looking at the Ace of Swords more in depth and combined with a new COTD each day.  Stop over to the New Paths Tarot -Facebook page and get in the discussion!

I hope this has shed some new light and understanding on the Ace of Swords!

Until next time, Happy Tarot’ing and May Your Journey be an Enchanted one.


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