Card by Card – Queen of Wands

Radiant Rider-Waite Queen of Wands

If you missed the last card by card post on the Five of Cups, you can read about it here.

Just like last week, I’ll be taking a look at several variations from different decks and gathering that particular Author and/or Artists thoughts and perspectives.

The Queen of Wands is the randomly drawn COTW-card of the week.   What does it mean when you receive this card in a one card daily drawing or it turns up in a spread?

The first Queen of Wands we will be looking at is from the Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc. 2003.

In Tarot for Life, author Paul Quinn describes this Queen as Faithful, creative, self-assured, passionate, an optimist and a cheerleader.

“The Queen of Wands is the soul of Fire.  She is that part of us that is deeply  moved by the human effort to rise above limitation, innovate, and win.  She is the pride and admiration we feel when a friend receives a diploma after years of struggle and self-sacrifice.  She is our slack-jawed awe at the commitment of Olympic athletes and the urge to rush backstage and praise a performer for knocking our socks off.  The Queen is our profound appreciation for all expressions of creativity, courage, and spirit, whereever and in whomever we find them.”

Wands are associated with the Element of Fire and are generally about action and reaction.  Typically, Wands are all fired up about something, someone or another.  Rods, Staves, Staffs, Batons, and Fire, are other names that are used to identify the suit of Wands.

This first set of the Queen of Wands are from the Sun and Moon Tarot by Vanessa Decourt (U.S. Games Systems, Inc. 2010) & Today’s Journey Tarot by Expanding Dimensions (Schiffer Publishing, Ltd. 2011)

Queen of Wands - Sun and Moon Tarot & Today's Journey Tarot

Sun and Moon Tarot:  Water of fire.  Self-knowledge, self-fulfillment, and transformation.  The dark spots on the leopard reveal the dark sides of the self.  The strong stance denotes power and self-assurance.

Today’s Journey Tarot:  Creates success, strength, mature passion.  The Mother of Fire is a mature, dynamic leader.  She is driven by her fully developed passion to serve and lead others.  The candidate wears red with symbolizes strength.  She confidently greets her supporters in the role that she loves to play.  She is sure of her victory because she has always created her own success.  She stands above the crowd.

The next set are from the Wizards Tarot by Corrine Kenner (Llewellyn Worldwide 2011)  & The Gilded Tarot Royale by Ciro Marchetti (Self Published 2012)

Queen of Wands - Wizards Tarot & Gilded Tarot Royale

Wizards Tarot:  The Queen of Wands is a guardian and protector, born and raised to defend and preserve the realm of fire.   As an elemental creature, she embodies all the fire and passion of the wands.  She has energy to burn.  She is mesmerizing, like a flowing campfire.  She is sinewy and strong, willful and dynamic, confident and self-assured.

Gilded Tarot Royale:  Capable, competent, faith in self, intuitive, takes charge.  Take charge, let yourself shine, be audacious, feel empowered and help empower others.  {You are seeking an outlet for your energy.  This may be in the form of a new project of your own or helping someone with an exciting undertaking.  You are not adverse to public admiration as a result of your skills and brilliant personality.} excerpt from the Gilded Tarot Companion by Barbara Moore.

The last set are from the Art of Life Tarot Deck by Charlene Livingstone (U.S. Games Systems, Inc. 2012) & The Mary-El Tarot by Marie White (Schiffer Publishing Ltd. 2012)

Queen of Wands - Art of Life Tarot & Mary-El Tarot

Art of Life Tarot:  Affability, growth, motivation

Mary-El Tarot:  Queen of Wands, creates an environment of spirit (growth, change).  A Shaman, witch, powerful shapeshifter.  An environment where growth and creativity and the gifts of the true self are cultured, cherished, upheld, and encouraged.  She shows you yourself, the greatest gift you ca receive.  She provides a safe, warm, and abundant environment where you can grow from a small cub to a powerful jaguar yourself, master of your own internal forest.  She helps you develop yourself into your full potential, with a clear vision of yourself (even if it is sharp, your growth and creativity.  Don’t always or even mostly see this as someone outside yourself.

In Tarot Dynamics Unleashed,  author Anna Burroughs Cook says that Queens can enhance your people and coping skills.

     “Whatever your gender, or situation the Queen can enable you to keep everyone and everything “on the same page” more easily by managing people and cultivating matters with greater efficiency.” 

     “Your people skills will be one of your greatest keys to success.  At your best, your enthusiasm is as charismatic as your confidence, and your keep powers of visualization can enable you to work wonders.  However, should you be over stressed, or the Queen of Wands appears in reverse, the close link between your emotions and your pride can interfere with your objectivity and wreak havoc in all areas of your life, or your charisma may simply attract the wrong elements.”

Please join me over the next week as I’ll be looking at the Queen of Wands more in depth and combined with a new COTD each day.  Stop over to the New Paths Tarot -Facebook page and get in the discussion!

I hope this has shed some new light and understanding on the Queen of Wands.

Until next time, Happy Tarot’ing and May Your Journey be an Enchanted one.

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  1. Koneta says:

    Thank you Zanna, 🙂 I love to compare the same cards from different decks, it adds so many new layers.

  2. Zanna Starr says:

    Wonderful discussion/comparison of “my card” (as a Sagittarius), Koneta. I love seeing the interpretations from various decks.

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