Card by Card – The Hermit

In my Card by Card Series, I examine one card and compare the art work as well as the creator’s interpretation for that card, from several different decks.

The Hermit

The Hermit – AnnaK Tarot

“The Hermit is an important tarot card with much to tell us, but he tends not to be so welcome around the bonfire.”
― Thomm Quackenbush

I’ve always loved The Hermit and it is one of the first cards I like to check out when I receive a new deck.  I almost always associate The Hermit with the story of Merlin, more specifically, The Merlin Trilogy by Mary Stewart.


Ther Hermit


  • The Hermit from Pagan Ways Tarot by Anna Franklin 2015, Published by Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.  This Hermit is based on the Legend of Merlin and how after a terrible and bloody battle, he retreated to the forest where he reconnected with the raw power of Nature and the essence of himself.  “When this card appears, it tells you that you are feeling a profound emptiness in your life, but now is not the moment for outward action.  Instead, the Hermit advises you withdraw from the distractions of the everyday world and spend time in meditation and mature reflections.”
  • The Hermit from the Gaian Tarot, by Joanna Powell Colbert-2016, Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.  Sacred Solitude:  “Your spirit is crying out for a time of sacred solitude.  You need to withdraw from the world to focus on you inner life and spirituality. Take some time out for a retreat. Go away to the mountains or the sea, by yourself, without partner or friends.” Joanna also includes Journal Questions that can be used for each card, for example…How can I get away from everyday life to spend time alone?  What lessons do the spirit animals have for me?  What kind of healing does the Hermit offer me?
  • The Hermit from the Victorian SteamPunk Tarot by Liz Dean-2014 Cico Books. Message: A time for retreat and healing.  In your reading, the Hermit signals that there will be a time for you to feed your soul-through education, reading, or travel-or even to go on a pilgrimage.  You will temporarily leave your everyday concerns to help you heal or develop spiritually. A period of solitude will be your active choice so you can process your thoughts and emotions.

The Hermit

  • The Hermit from the Bonefire Tarot by Gabi Gingus-West-2016 Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.  “Time out to consider and evaluate. To be the lone wolf. Embrace the power of the night. Shine a torch on your psyche and illuminate its dark recesses. Feel safe in your own skin and accept your own darkness.”  The Bonefire Hermit is a magical man. He is very much about the looking we do when our eyes are closed.
  • The Hermit from The Ecliptic Tarot by Bob and Koneta Bailey -unpublished.  The Hermits shadow cast upon the wall of his cave alerts you to his presence.  The lighted torch at the doorway shows the way for anyone who would seek his council. If undisturbed, The Hermit continues his quest of wisdom seeking, shadow work, and soul searching.  When The Hermit shows him/herself, you are encouraged to seek your inner wisdom through meditation, study, and solitude.  Keywords: Seeking truth, wisdom, and knowledge outside traditional venues. Self knowledge. Contemplation. Deliberation.
  • The Hermit from the White Witch Tarot by Maja D’Aoust-2017 Red Feather, Mind, Body, Spirit.  Individuation:  The exiled Know a secret The Utopia Of isolation Affords and onset Of eradication Shame and guilt Soon cease to be The self returns To responsibility Was not the Falcon Once a sparrow Expelled from tribal flock? The outsider is purges To face a haunting dirge Of the aeons of the self In restriction And alone Tooth and claw There are grown Exchanging Martyred social co-dependence With survival’s law That takes its Independence

The Hermit

  •  The Hermit from A Kings Journey Tarot 2010-by Chanel Bayless and James Battersby.  “The Fool meets the Hermit deep inside a cave, within the volcano, likened to the womb of the Empress.   In here, the Fool will undergo a purification from the inside out.  he comes face to face with hidden aspects about himself, through this soul searching process. He will find out more about who he is and what he cans hare with the world. The Hermit is there to shed light on maps, to guide the way out, for anyone seeking. Understanding is the way to freedom, the way to release, from the hallways of confusion that lie within the dark recesses of our mind.”
  • The Hermit from the Silver Witchcraft Tarot by Barbara Moore – Lo Scarabeo 2014.  Reflection: The Hermit is a seeker…gazing continuously to the Universe. The Hermit is the question, before it is the answer, it is the silence before it is the word, it is the stillness before it is the run, it is the doubt before it is the certainty. The Hermit is also the healing before it is the wound, the laugh before it is the joke, the yes before it is the “Please”, and the :alone: before it is the “together”.
  • The Hermit from the Tarot of Dreams by Ciro Marchetti 2005-2015. US Games Systems, Inc.  Self-imposed isolation and seclusion. Separating oneself from a situation to gain perspective. Meditation and self-examination. Seclusion as a form of escapism. The Hermit’s lantern is a wand topped with a radiant jewel. The jewel represents the illuminating power of the conscious mind. With this lantern, the Hermit brings light to the shadowy corners of his mind and penetrates its mysteries.

The Hermits Lantern – Tarot Spread

The Hermits Lantern


  1. What area of my life do I need to concentrate at this time?
  2. How does my past affect the lesson of the Hermit?
  3. How does my present affect this lesson?
  4. How will this lesson affect my future?
  5. What illumination will be revealed to me?


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