Card by Card – The Moon

The Moon - Radiant Rider-Waite

If you missed the last Card by Card post on the King of Cups, you can read about it here.

Once again, I’ll be taking a look at several variations from different decks and gathering that particular Author and/or Artists thoughts and perspectives.

The Moon is the randomly drawn COTW-card of the week.   What does it mean when you receive this card in a one card daily drawing or it turns up in a spread?

The first Moon we will be looking at is from the Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc. 2003.

“The distinction between this card and some of the conventional types is that the moon is increasing on what is called the side of mercy, to the right of the observer.  It has sixteen chief and sixteen secondary rays.  The card represents life of the imagination apart from life of the spirit.  The path between the towers is the issue into the unknown.  The dog and wolf are th fears of the natural mind in the presence of that place to exit, when there is only reflected light to guide it.”  ~Arthur Edward Waite – The Pictorial Key to the Tarot.

The Moon:  Simple Fortunetelling with Tarot Cards by Corrine Kenner.

     “The moon, the ever-changing mirror of life on earth, reflects our unconscious needs and desires.  Deeply rooted in the unconscious, the dreamlike moon symbolizes secrets and mysteries that you might not understand-or even recognize.”

     “In the classic Waite design, a full moon shines in a twilight sky.  Beneath it, a crayfish crawls out of the primordial sea, past a rocky shoreline, and onto dry land-a graphic representation of evolution in action.  Two dogs-one wild, one tame-wait for him on shore, hinting at terrors both wild and domestic.  There are two towers in the background; they symbolize a passageway, and in fact, they look just like the towers we saw earlier in the Death card.  A path winds between the towers, weaving its way toward whatever lied over the horizon.”

First up are the Twilight Realm- A Tarot of Faery by Beth Wilder (Schiffer Pulbications Ltd. 2010) & Tarot of the Sidhe by Emily Carding (Schiffer Publications Ltd. 2010)

The Moon

Twilight Realm:  Illusion. Deception. False hope. Dreams. Latent psychic powers.  The appearance of this card in a reading indicates that you should be wary of illusion in your own life.  Do not let yourself be blinded by how you want things to be.  It is far easier in the long run to face things and deal with them head-on, even if it will mean temporary unhappiness.

Tarot of the Sidhe:  Dreams, Cycles, Intuition. Prophecy, Vision, Illusion, Shadow Self, Subconscious, Underworld, Emotions, Hormones.  The Moon card presents us with quite a complex image, and indeed is inspired by a number of sources: dreams, the Sidhe, fears, feelings, and the moon itself.  I am my own demise and my own birth, I know well the cycle’s sting.  Dreams may promise and dreams may take.  Mind you Moon path with great care and you may find a truer self with hand outstretched…

The next set are from the Golden Tarot by Kat Black (U.S. Games Systems, Inc. 2003) & The Deviant Moon Tarot by Patrick Valenza (U.S. Games Systems, Inc. 2008)

The Moon

The Golden Tarot:  That which wanes will grow full again.  There may be obstacles to overcome, and cycles of good fortune and bad.  Struggle through the darkness and glad times will return.  Embrace that which darkness can bring, then daylight will return all the sooner.

The Deviant Moon:  The deviant moon casts it powerful influence over the city, controlling minds like a puppeteer.  Brainwashing.  Dark influences.  Trickery.  Illusion.  Subconscious control.

The last pair are from The Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert (Llewellyn Publications 2011) & The Llewellyn Tarot by Anna-Marie Ferguson (Llewellyn Publications 2006)

The Moon

The Gaian Tarot:  Constant, Faithful Changes.  Cycle of descent and return. Psychic awakening. Light and shadow. Intuition. Dreams. Imagination.  When you get this card in a reading… It is a time to raise your lunar consciousness.  Begin to track the movement of the moon in the night sky where you live.  Where does it rise and where dies it set?  And at what times of day and night?  Which phase is it in tonight?  The lunar cycle is a model for any life cycle, whether it is a relationship, a job, or a creative project.  Knowing your place in this cycle can help put your current issues in perspective.

The Llewellyn Tarot:  Disorientation.  Powerful emotions and imagination.  Intuition.  Empathy. Creativity and sensitivity.  Illusion.  Wild visions. Mercy. intense, valuable dreams.  A need to control emotions, lest one becomes fascinated by phantasmagoric dreams and flashes from the subconscious.  Powerful mood swings.  Shadows. Shifting shapes.  Familiar landscape transformed under the light of the moon.   The light of reason needed to guard against influence and deception.

Author Anna Burroughs Cook -Tarot Dynamics Unleashed – has this to say on Card 18, The Moon.

     “Card 18, marks the beginning of a new or different emotional cycle in connection with your domestic and material concerns that can make it more or less challenging to know what you really want or to remain focused on matters at hand.”

     “One or more matters in your life will soon need to be examined more closely.  Your emotions are restless.  Your intuition is keen.  Whatever the situation, being honest with yourself and others now, really is the best policy  If you are feeling melancholy, irritable, suspicious or anxious and unable to pinpoint the exact source of your distress, you may soon hear several pieces of bad news from or about people you know and care for.  The more contructively you channel your emotions now, the better all your endeavors will fare.” 

Please join me over the next week as I’ll be looking at The Moon more in depth and combined with a new COTD each day.  Stop over to the New Paths Tarot -Facebook page and get in the discussion!

I hope this has shed some new light and understanding on The Moon!

Until next time, Happy Tarot’ing and May Your Journey always be Enchanted.



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