Card of the Day Oct. 22, 2013

The cotd from Tuesday, October 22, 2013 is from The Bohemian Gothic Tarot by Karen Mahony.

Knight of Swords - The Bohemain Gothic Tarot

“Courage in Battle”

The course of action is laid out before you and there is no mistaking.  Depending on your unique situation and temperament, will determine the level of courage you will need to muster to go into battle.  Take charge where and how, you know you must.  Take charge, but leave frivolity and impulsiveness behind.  Your battle(s) can be more easily won if your intent & integrity are of the highest good.

Keywords:  A fighter who can be a great friend but an implacable enemy.  An impetuous person who tends to leap right into things.  A leader with great energy and intelligence.

Today’s combo:  Knight of Swords, The Tower, Temperance.  How would you read this combo?  What do you see?

The Bohemian Gothic Tarot

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