Tarot Blog Hop – June 21, 2015

Summer Solstice Blog Hop – 2015


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The “Christmas Present”

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The “Christmas Present”  presents

Once upon a time in a long forgotten corner of an attic sat a child’s toy from many seasons past.  It was tucked away behind lost boxes of bobs and treasure and hidden under a mountain of dust and a thick blanket of time.  Painted on the sides of this curious box were images that had once been bright and cheery, but were now faded by time and a layer of rust.  The lid stood open in a gaping toothless yawn, the contents having escaped long ago leaving the hatch wide open.

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Samhain – Tarot Blog-Hop

Hello and welcome to the Samhain (Halloween) Tarot Blog-Hop where we are celebrating the thinning of the veil and our Shadow selves.

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For this Blog-Hop we were asked to explore our Shadow sides.  What exactly does that mean?  What is our Shadow side?

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