Mabon – Tarot Blog-Hop

Welcome to the Mabon Tarot Blog-Hop!  I hope you have enjoyed your journey thus far.  If you missed the blog prior to mine, you can Hop backward to Chloe McCracken’s Mabon post simply by clicking on the button and following the link.

Autumn is my very favorite time of year.  I love the cooler temperatures, the changing colors, the crisp and pungent fragrances, the sound of rustling leaves, the honking calls of the wild geese as they fly overhead, and the activities that traditionally occur.  Activities like, Samhain, Halloween themed camp-outs, Trick or Treating, hay rides, collecting leaves, dressing up, decorating with fodder shocks, pumpkins, and ghoulies, and going to Haunted Houses.  I should mention too, that I am a Scorpio, another reason I think that I love this season so well.

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The Fruits of Harvest

Welcome to the Lammas Tarot Blog-Hop, Pentacles:  The Fruits of Harvest.  

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Lammas – First Harvest – August Eve

Fruits of First Harvest hang heavy on vines

As stalks of grain ripen to gold

Sweet the juices as warm they run

To stain fingers of both young and old.

Feast on the freshness that now abounds

Storing away for the future

For days that turn colder

When the frost bites the bloom

And the fields lie fallow in slumber

Under a distant and cold winter’s Moon.

~K. Bailey

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Beltaine – “The Fire Tends to All”

Druid Craft Tarot Ace of Wands

Beltaine:  “The Fire Tends to All”

When the topic for this blog-hop round was announced, the Ace of Wands from the Druid Craft Tarot immediately sprang to mind.

“Here, the wand is offered to us from the heart of the sun – the source of creative fire, initiative and energy.” (pg. 44)

Balefire’s were often lit from a fire created especially for the Beltaine celebrations.  They were called a “need-fire”.   What better source of a “need-fire” than the life-giving, earth warming, burning sun?

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