Closing out the Week 03/19/2016

Three card reading for Saturday, March 19, 2016 is from the Chrysalis Tarot by Toney Brooks & Holly Sierra.  U.S. Games Systems, Inc. – 2014.

Chrysalis Tarot King of Mirrors – Four of Scrolls – Page of Mirrors


After a week of extended reflection and contemplation, the time of assimilating and healing now commences.  Did you discover new facets of self and guidance from a mentor or ancestor?  Were you able to examine your reflection from an objective point of view?

The Mentor of Mirrors-King of Mirrors-The Sojourner-is associated with the suit of Cups.  The Sojourner’s motto is, “Live life one day at a time.” He could be called an empath and spiritual mendicant.  When he appears, he’s already read your heart and understands you.  So sit with him for awhile.  Empaths are mentors and problem solvers.  He may recommend you set aside some “me time” to roam nature with your own thoughts and inspirations. He is keen to help you navigate the rocky terrain of emotional challenge.

Now that you have taken a good long look at your past and your role there, it’s now time to lay it aside, a time for healing and for thinking of your future.  The Four of Scrolls (Swords) is titled, Recollection.  It’s a time to be alone with your thought to plan and visualize your future and to place the past aside. In m any decks the Four of Swords is a card showing the need for rest and recharging your batteries.  Usually this would follow a battle or perhaps an emotionally draining event(s).  Depending on your experience over the past week, you likely need a time to withdraw to come-back-to-center and recharge.  Recollection heals woes and reduces everyday stress by focusing the mind on moment-to-moment awareness,  The word recollection simply means thinking nonjudgmentally about how you honestly see yourself through your own eyes.  It also means to resist seeing yourself through the judgmental eyes of others.  Recollection is defined as mediation on self-acceptance designed to nurture self-esteem and grow personal empowerment. 

The Muse of Mirrors-The Healer-The Page of Mirrors, is also associated with the suit of Cups.  The Healer, when you meet her, will impress you with her practical demeanor.  She likely will appear at a time when you need a strong, supportive shoulder.  She’ll inspire you to collect honey from the many blossoms of your experences and turn it into a mystical balm of healing.  The Healer frequently quotes from a poem by Antonio Machado:  “I dreamt -marvelous error!- that I had a beehive here inside my heart.  And the golden bees were making white combs and sweet honey from my old failures.” 

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