Conflicts with The Emperor

Today I drew The Emperor as my card of the day.  I tried to put it back, re-shuffled several times and still The Emperor was drawn.   Ok-ok, I can take a hint.  I have a love/hate relationship with this guy.  On the one hand I realize the importance of structure, rules and laws of the land that are in place for our well being and safety.  On the other hand, I rebel and hate rules, especially societal rules.  So I am continuously flipping the energy of The Emperor within me.  The Emperor also happens to be my birth/soul card, so it’s very personal.

My question today for the Tarot is, “How do I best deal with the energy of The Emperor today”? I drew the Star, Five of Spirit, and the Hanged Man.

Looking at these cards (individually) with help from the companion book;

The Star. Connect with the Universal Spirit and bare your soul.  You are moving from the darkness into the light, as you realize that no matter what happens to you, you are special, loved, and worthy.  *note to self:  Don’t forget to meditate!

Five of Spirit. Virtue: Courage.  It takes courage to get rid of ‘things’ when they no longer hold a purpose.  There is power in knowing you can stand strong without it in your life.  Time to do some spiritual cleansing.  *note to self:  Don’t forget to meditate!

Hanged Man.  Just hanging out.  Right now, you are so comfortable that you don’t want to make a decision about what direction you want to go next.  All you know is that you don’t want to go backwards and relive what you’ve been through.  Though, consider that you might not be sure of how you can move forward at this point in time.  What personal sacrifices are you making, or should you be making? (Tough question.)  *note to self:  Don’t forget to meditate!

Basically the bottom-line message for me today in regards to my question is to “Meditate”!  Meditation will help me center, and better connect with the Universe.  To get a better look at the “things” that need to be cut-away.  The Emperor energy will go a lot smoother if I just chill today and don’t fight it.

Tarot always has the wisest advice, no matter the question.    What advice did you get for the day?

(Images used with permission.  Information or to purchase A King’s Journey Tarot can be found here.)

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