COTD December 30, 2013

The cotd for Monday, December 30, 2013 comes from the Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert.

Five of Earth

“Making the Best of a Bad Situation”

I believe Fives are the most difficult cards in the deck.  They most often put challenges and obstacles in our path.  In this five, a man builds a make-shift shelter to wait out a storm.  It’s by no means as warm and cozy as he would like, but he is somewhat protected from the harsh elements.  He is dealing with his situation the best way he can.  Making the best of a bad situation he knows he will come through this storm –maybe a little worse for wear– intact.

From the companion book:  “You are dealing with stress on a survival level, most likely with your health or finances.  You may have lost your home or your job, or are dealing with a life threatening illness.  Things may seem bleak indeed.  What kind of “shelter in the storm” can you create that will help you through these rough times?  What survival skills have you developed that you can use in times of crisis?”  Affirmation-I have the skills it takes to survive any crisis.

Today’s combo:  Five of Earth, Explorer of Air (Knight), The Seeker (The Fool).  What do you see in this combo?

Five of Earth, Explorer of Air, The Seeker

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