Cotd – February 10, 2015

The cotd for Tuesday, February 10, 2015 is from the Anna.K Tarot, (second edition), by Anna Klaffinger.

Six of Rods - ReversedSix of Rods (Reversed)

The Six of Rods is about success, victory, and recognition.  However, in its reversed or ill-dignified position it carries a cautionary statement.

Although you may have have achieved a victory (either large or small) in someway, you don’t want to gloat or boast about it in any way. 

Maybe it’s time for a work evaluation and you’re just not sure where you stand right now, or whether you’re where you should be.

“The Six of Wands also advises you to maintain a winning mindset: one of optimism, expansiveness, and the belief that you are able to stay on top of all situations.  Success is a natural consequence of being willing and able to take on challenges, and deal with delays, obstacles, and other problems by viewing them as part of life’s parade, rather than as roadblocks on your path.  A positive attitude is especially necessary to success in your daily work life.  If you feel that your work is unrewarding, adjust your attitude so that you view the efforts you expend as your service to the universe, no matter how humble your job.”  ~Janina Renee’

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