COTD – February 13, 2013

The cotd for Wednesday February 13, 2013 comes from the Pearls of Wisdom Tarot (second edition) by Roxi Sim.


“The Sweet Spot”

Where is that spot, you ask?  Well, it’s right in the middle.  That spot where it’s not too hot or cold.  Not too bright or dark.  Not too yin or too yang…you get the idea.  Just like Goldielocks, you can find that ever elusive phenomena of “just right”.  Oh?  You say you can’t find it?  Well, it that’s the case then you will just have to create it for yourself.

It’s a heck of a lot easier sometimes (it seems) to just complain that nothing is “just right”, than it is to actually make it “just right”.

Opposites that meet should not clash and heave against each other, but rather find a compromise – that Sweet Spot where, even if only briefly – they meet and balance and harmony are achieved.  That spot where opposites mix and blend to create that just-right-sweet-spot.

Compromise can be a wonderful tool to help you find that sweet spot when you feel like you’re running into brick walls and getting no where.  So, stop banging your head against the wall and see if there isn’t another way around it or over it.   Sometimes, taking a step back is the only way you can take two steps forward.

Wishing you a day of just-right-sweet-spots!


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