COTD – February 16, 2013

The cotd for Saturday February 16, 2013 comes from “A King’s Journey Tarot”  (oop) by Chanel Bayless & James Battersby.  (The Sun)

A King's Journey Tarot, The Sun

“Wounded Optimism”

Is the Sun shining in your world today, either figuratively or literally?  Are you a partly cloudy or partly sunny kind of person?  I am an optimist at heart and lean more towards the partly sunny perspective.  No matter how dark the day seems.  But, I know others who are not able to see anything but the darker side or partly cloudy side to everything.

Do you remember the character “Schleprock” from the Flintstones?  IMHO a mostly-cloudy kind of guy.  Everywhere he went, his cloud of Doom & Gloom went with him.  Flintstones - Schleprock

I know people like this, I think we all do.  How very sad, I would think, to carry this Doom & Gloom around with you all the time.

If this is you today, leave your cloud behind, lock it way in a dark closet and lose the key.  The Sun card has shown up to help you see the bright spot in any situation.  Look for the “light” in others and the easier you will be able to see your own light and allow it to shine.  Begin healing your “wounded optimism” today.

“Who is the center or your world?  If it’s not you, why not?  To give to others, you should be the one to come first.  When your mood is shining you spread it on!”  ~Chanel Bayless

Let your light shine, find the bright spot, and have a terrific Sunny Saturday!


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