Cotd – February 3, 2015

The cotd for Tuesday, February 3, 2015 is from the Tarot of the Sidhe by Emily Carding, 2010.  Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.


I am unflinching, true and loyal for I know the worth of this true union.  The path to wholeness lies ahead, through the dragon’s flaming breath. Through this gate your own beast lies. Know you must face it fully, claws and scales and beating wings, before your truth be found.

See your potential in my glory and do not fear to lust for Strength. True Strength is not in the bonds of harshness, but the constancy of gentle courage, that knows its fears and holds them close, transforming them to joy.

Keywords: Integration, Will, Mastery, Healing, Facing Fears, Overcoming Obstacles, Progress, Therapy, Inner Power, Confidence

Whatever you’ve tackled or been tackled by, you must rely on your inner strength pool to help you at this time.  Yesterday’s sad/disappointing events may have left you feeling drained and lost, but you know you must tap into the energies of the strength card.  This is what you draw on in times of change and turmoil, it’s what gets you through.

You have the ability to handle difficult situations.  Your reserves are there to help you now, just as they have been in the past.  Every time you tap into this energy it not only replenishes, but adds more to the pool.

Hang in there Baby

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