COTD Friday, July 22, 2016

The Card of the Day for Friday, July 22, 2016 is from the Silver Witchcraft Tarot by Barbara Moore and Franco Rivolli.  Lo Scarabeo 2014.

Silver Witchcraft Tarot Nine of Chalices

The Inner Door

“Try to find a balance between the visible and the invisible, the deep and the obvious.  They are not really that different or enemies one to the other.  Let the door of your heart open and explore further than what you already know.  The Universe is much bigger than you can imagine, and it is possible to journey even standing always in the same place.”  ~Barbara Moore

The mid-week reading talked of a transition coming and today’s card signals the end of that the cycle.  In this image, the seasons are transitioning from Autumn to Winter.  It’s the time to reconnect with the spiritual world and show your thanks for the all the gifts you’ve received and created.

This Nine of Chalices strays a bit from the more traditional Nine of Cups which is the wish fulfillment card in Tarot.  But it also brings about that sense of satisfaction and contentment with your life and your world, that reflects the traditional meaning as well.  It says that you have fulfilled many of your wants and needs and you feel pretty good about where you stand.  You could show your thankfulness by sharing your good fortune in celebration and with those in need.

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