Cotd January 10, 2015

The COTD for Saturday, January 10, 2015 is from the Silver Witchcraft Tarot by Franco Rivolli and Barbara Moore.  2014 Lo Scarabeo.

The MoonMoon

This is the second Goddess to show herself this week.  First we saw the Empress, the Goddess on earth and of the material realm.  This is the Goddess of the heavens and of the spiritual realm. “The material realm and spiritual realm are not separate but as humans, we comprehend facets better than the whole, at least for a while.  So here is the Queen of the Night, changeable, mysterious, and beguiling.  She governs our dreams and speaks to our deepest intuitive selves.”

In this week’s Oracle Guidance we see the week winding up with illusions, confusion and clouded thinking.  The Queen of the Night (The Moon) has arrived to help us through this confusion and fog.  Although the can be quite beguiling in her own right she will help us “see the light” by sharpening our intuition.  Facing a situation with our eyes wide open just won’t be enough, we’ve got to rely on our other senses to get a full and clear picture.  It’s not going to be easy and will take a lot more effort on our part to separate what we think we see and understand, from the actuality.  This will be a daunting task to be sure, so if you are able, leave any actions or decisions for another day.  If you just aren’t able to tune in for a clearer picture, turn off the set and read a book instead.

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