Cotd January 22, 2015

The Cotd for Thursday, January 22, 2015 is from the Tarot of the Hidden Realm by Julia Jeffrey, companion book Journey into the Hidden Realm by Barbara Moore. 2013


“In a card named Strength one might expect amazing feats of physical prowess or of defeating foes.  In the Hidden Realm, there is another kind of strength and a specific kind of challenge.  We all have our wild parts, aspects of ourselves that have grown careless or reckless or fearful through life experiences that left us wounded, or parts of ourselves that society or individuals have told us are shameful.  We deem these parts  unlovable and hide them away.  But they don’t stay hidden, lashing out instead in surprising ways that we cannot seem to control.  Those parts of us have value.  This card represents the most difficult kind of strength: the strength to face and love ourselves, to accept and heal, and eventually to integrate so that we can be whole again.  The journey is ongoing, for just as we heal one wound, another often appears.  In a reading, this card lets you know that, whatever your question, inner healing and forgiveness are part of the answer.” (pg. 47)

These parts that we hide away are often referred to as our “shadow”.  It is a part of our psyche that we try to suppress and in so doing these shadow parts rear their heads at inappropriate times and places.   It is only through recognition and acceptance can these “shadow” parts be tamed and integrated into the whole.  Do you have the strength to accept and embrace those parts you do not like, those parts you deny?

This is the next step in your journey, to be honest with yourself.  To see your shadow side, to stop repressing and begin accepting.  They say that what we see in others and do not like is a part of our own shadow.  We cannot heal this part of ourselves if we do not admit its existence.

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