Cotd January 8, 2015

The COTD for Thursday, January 8, 2015 is from the Silver Witchcraft Tarot by Franco Rivolli and Barbara Moore.  2014 Lo Scarabeo.

The EmpressThe Empress

Although The Empress is most often thought of in terms of abundance, fertility, nurturing, and motherhood (to name a few) this Empress also brings a message of sacrifice with her.

She appears quite young, but she carries great responsibility which she takes seriously.  Moore writes that both she and her eagle companion are long-sighted and they understand the ebb and flow of life. 

“Within the cycles of the year, she generates new life, and from her, there will always be more to take the place of that which, of necessity, must die.  Life will continue on and while she cares for each individual bunny, she also understands that sometimes there must be a sacrifice for the greater good.  Nature never stays still.  It is always changing from birth to maturity to death.  She changes as needed to nurture all living things through all the cycles of life. We would do well to remember this in our lives and be grateful for the generous bounty we enjoy while recognizing that if a sacrifice is required, it is for something greater than our own immediate comfort.”  ~companion book~ 

Points to Ponder:  Are you being asked to make a sacrifice?  Is this a sacrifice you are willing to make?  Is it within your power?  Has the choice of sacrifice been taken out of your hands?  Is it your sacrifice to make?

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