COTD – Judgment 04/02/19

Card 20 from The Chrysalis Tarot, the Robin Wood Tarot, and the Tarot of Dreams.

The Judgment card in the Fool’s Journey can conjure feelings both positive and negative, depending on your point of view. Yesterday’s post referred to transformation coming to completion and today we see this transformation in it’s last stages. The Phoenix rises from the ashes, reborn and revitalized, after coming to terms with the difficult journey of self discovery.

“The Phoenix appears at the point in the Hero’s Journey when only a little work remains. You have forgiven yourself, your parents, and anyone else in need of your forgiveness. You performed difficult shadow work. You now can acknowledge your dark side and admit your human imperfections. Rather than project them onto others, you integrated them into your psyche. It is no longer fractured or shattered but whole. You accepted yourself as you are You are self-empowered. If the Phoenix appears in the early stages of your Hero’s Journey, she points to the work at hand: the transformation of consciousness through communication with your archetypal spirit guides and your ancestors who live eternally. They are immortal just as you are immortal. The Phoenix symbolizes a time of resolution and restoration on your journey.” ~Toney Brooks

Judgement, from the Robin Wood Tarot, also shows a Phoenix rising behind the ‘reborn’ female. Judgement is a time of rewards for past efforts. Sometimes called Karma, it’s not just a new beginning, but a beginning emerging from your past.

“In the divinitory readings the card of Judgment carries a special significance. Whatever else is going on around you, there is a push, a call from within, to make some important change.” ~Rachel Pollack

The Tarot of Dreams version harkens back to some of of the earlier illustrations for card 20; the angel as the central figure with people rising from the dead, a scene right out of Christian iconology.

In the Tarot of Dreams, we see the transformation of a single person, starting at the bottom and progressing upward as awareness and enlightenment unfold. The figure enters into a state of universal awareness.

“The Judgement card can simply refer to gaining a wider or higher perspective, or heeding a call to follow a particular path or take a particular action.” ~Lee Bursten

Judgement to me is a calling to some higher purpose, it’s knowing the Divine in whatever form that takes. It’s a personal journey of self-awareness and enlightenment, and at the end awaits the reward for past lessons and trials. The ultimate reward being your authentic self revealed.

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  • The Tarot of Dreams by Ciro Marchetti & Lee Bursten – self published

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