COTD July 5, 2016

COTD for Tuesday, July 5, 2016 is from The Mary-El Tarot by Maire White – 2012.  Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.

Mary-El Tarot

“To the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure.”
― J.K. Rowling


What do you need to shed?

What light are you hiding behind or from?

What delusion are you straining to see past and beyond?

What new cycle or phase are you entering?

Are you struggling to keep the status-quo?

If you look back at this week’s Oracle Guidance  you will see the energy is from the Nine of Pentacles.  Are you having difficulty aligning with his energy?  If so, you may be experiencing some of the dilemma’s listed in the questions above.  Life is change and runs in cycles, otherwise it would become stagnant and derelict.  The Death card will usually come about when we need to shake things up a bit.  We need to emerge from our comfort zone and release any old paradigms and the clingy bits and pieces of delusion/illusion.  Are you ready to take that step?

From the companion book, pg. 47:

     “People are not the only things that go through cycles and end with death; there are situations, relationships, eras of your life, even the seasons of the earth and the stars and the wheel of the  great year go through cycles of life and death.  At some point everything comes to an end, which is good; life and death have the same maker and come from and through each other.  Even though death ends a cycle, the circle continues on.  Death is not the last card in the Tarot, and is, alas, hardly past the mid-point.  There is life after death and life in death and death in life.  When you face your own death you can live life to the fullest.”  ~Marie White



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