COTD – June 25, 2013

The cotd for Tuesday, June 25, 2013 comes from the Inner Realms Tarot by Saleire.

The Tower - Inner Realms Tarot“Ch,Ch,Ch,Ch,Changes”

From the companion book:  “The Tower imagery frightens the living daylights out of people because it shows that chaos is about to happen.  But wait, this might be necessary for you to see a new opportunity to progress. 

Changes-big changes, surprising changes, and changes that make you sit up and notice-are on the way.  It is time for the universe to take a hand in your life to show you something that needs changing quickly.  If you do not make it happen, the universe will, so let go of the old and look forward to a surprising new beginning.  It might not seem that great at first, but change is always good, so try not to kick and scream too much, because when you look back, you will be thankful this happened.”  pg. 55

Today you will be forced to pull your head out of the sand (or where ever your head happens to be) as big changes are on tap and they will need to be met with logic, focus, and the determination to see things through.

Inner Realms Tarot

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