COTD – May 22, 2013

The cotd for Wednesday May 22, 2013 comes from the Ancestral Path Tarot Deck (2013 edition) by Julie Cuccia-Watts.

Nine of Cups Amcestral Path Tarot“Dance Like Nobody’s Watching”

LWB – Community celebration; public events; fellowship/sistership; joining a group of people who share similar interests and/or values.

Have you the desire to take dancing lessons, night classes, or some other extended learning course?  Something you would like to do and learn just for yourself and maybe didn’t feel (until now) that you had the extra time to spare?  If so, you are receiving encouragement from the Universe to pursue this now.

Wherever your interests lay, consider looking into joining a class or group.  Start by taking the steps today to begin fulfilling your own wish(es).

The cultural background in the suit of Cups is British (Arthurian/Grail mythos) as you can see the dancer and bard appear to be performing “at court”.

The rest of today’s combo include the King of Cups, Five of Staves (Egyptian), and The Hermit.  What’s the rest of the story?  What do you see in this four card combo?




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