Cotd Monday, February 9, 2015

The cotd for Monday, February 9, 2015 is from the Anna.K Tarot, (second edition), by Anna Klaffinger.

Page of CupsPage of Cups

“The Page of Cups asks us to cultivate a certain mental attitude, or to inwardly prepare for certain ways of acting.  In his case, he invites us to turn to our inner self, our soul, and to look for the well of love, compassion, harmony and readiness for reconciliation there.  He invites us to drink from this well and then turn back to the outside world and to approach every being with this love, compassion, harmony and readiness for reconciliation.”

Are you ready to let bygones be bygones and mend fences?  It can be difficult, but not impossible.  Someone may have to swallow their pride (more than likely everyone involved) to accomplish this goal.  Whatever the grievance it’s more than likely grown out of proportion and only makes the task more difficult.  Compassion and patience will hopefully win out in the end.

{How to reconcile with someone without losing your pride}

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  1. Saleire says:

    What a beautiful tarot collection!

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