COTD – September 10, 2013

The COTD for Tuesday, September 10, 2013 comes from the Tarot of Dreams by Ciro Marchetti.

King of Coins - Tarot of Dreams“Penny Wise”

Be careful with your spending, and if you are an impulse buyer, you may just want to stay away from the store(s) all together.  Be smart because you know from experience “money in the bank” isn’t always there when you think it should be or even when it’s supposed to be.   Just be careful not to spend your next paycheck, today.

From the companion book:  “Kings are mature and decisive.  The King of Coins must sometimes make hard decisions, and would be more likely, for example, to top off that branch that the Queen of Coins would have simply trained to grow in another direction.  The King of Coins suggest that you do not simply accept the physical environment and constraints you are given, but that you take the initiative to change them to suit your own goals.”

Today’s combo:  King of Coins, Judgement, Ten of Wands.  How would you read this combo?  What do you see?

Tarot of Dreams

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