COTD – September 5, 2013

The COTD for Thursday, September 5, 2013 -The Hermit- from The Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert.

The Hermit - The Gaian Tarot“Sacred Solitude”

When you get this card in a reading…

“Your spirit is crying out for a time of sacred solitude.  You need to withdraw from the world to focus on your inner life and spirituality.  Perhaps you have been wounded in the “wars of the world,” or perhaps you are fatigued and empty from putting out so much energy, especially if you are a caregiver.  Your well is empty and needs refilling.

Take some time out for a retreat.  Go away to the mountains or the sea, by yourself, without partner or friends.  Spend time outside in nature, observing the changes in your environment day by bay.  Your inner wisdom and sense of well-being will grow effortlessly the more time you spend outside.  When you once again enter community life, others will be drawn to the light they see inside you and may come to you for guidance, for part of your purpose is the share what you’ve learned with others.”  (companion book pg. 61-62)

Do you feel the pull to go on retreat, to commune in nature, or for an extended period of solitude?

Today’s combo:  The Hermit, Seven of Water, Seven of Earth.  How would you read this combo?  What do you see?


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