December 31, 2014

The COTD for Wednesday, December 31, 2014 is from the Kabbalistic Visions: The Marini-Scapini Tarot by Marco Marini and Luigi Scapini.  2014-Schiffer Publishing.

Eight of SwordsKnight of Swords – Divinatory Meaning:  It is quite threatening Tarot, both as a time indicator and significator.  Possible upcoming conflicts which are going to last for a short time, but very intense.  It will be possible to get to a positive solution only if these conflicts will be faced with courage and self control.  The trump points out the presence of one or more fierce and well prepared opponents.  As an obstacle this sense of danger is even more highlighted.  In a negative way it indicates deceit and tyrannical behaviors.  The eyes are dark and the hair dark brown.  ~companion book~

This card certainly has an ominous feel to it and leaves one with the feeling of being stabbed in the back, deservedly or not (is it every deserved?).  The conflict seems to be headed to a climax, but hope remains.  Again the caution to respond with courage and self control.  Reacting emotionally and irrationally could break the camels back.  I’m not certain that a Tyrant can be reasoned with.  Time will tell.



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