January 30, 2015 Weekend Reading

Three card reading for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, (01-30 – 02-01) from the Tarot of Dreams standard edition, by Ciro Marchetti.

Tarot of Dreams

Six of Cups – Four of Wands – Five of coins

I’ve not been able to post any this week due to my work schedule and so I’m looking forward to my three day weekend which begins today.  Instead of just pulling one card I decided to pull three for this weekend using the lovely, Tarot of Dreams. 

The Six of Cups brings energies of indulgence in happy memories.  Memories that bring a smile to my face as the scenes play over in my mind’s eye.  Often these are cherished memories from my own childhood, when my children were growing up, and now my grandchildren.  I hope I will also be spending time with them as well making new memories to be added to my over flowing cherished treasure trove of reminiscences.

The Four of Wands energy is of home, stability, security, and protection.  What better place than the place I call home.  I can’t think of a better place I’d rather be.  I think this weekend is also Superbowl weekend(?) and many people will be gathering together in homes of family and friends to eat-drink and be-merry, or just hang out and watch the game.  Whether you participate in these activities or not, plan to spend time in some way, celebrating something.  Nothing to celebrate?  Make up something.  There really doesn’t have to be a reason, just do it.  🙂

The Five of Coins is a card I don’t care to see very often, if at all.  But it seems to be a perfect card for this reading.  The weather forecast for the Ohio Valley is a Wintry one to be sure.  We’re to either have lots and lots of snow or a snow rain mix, or freezing rain, all depending where the the system decides to travel.  I know I will not be traveling anywhere, not if I can help it.  I certainly have no plans to travel anywhere I don’t absolutely have to.  So, if there is any “party” or other get-togethers they will be here at my house or within walking distance.  I don’t want to take the chance of getting stranded out in the cold and as long as our power stays on (which around here, who knows) I’m happy to stay right here.

Whatever your plans, I hope you have a happy and safe weekend.  Ready, set, Go!

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