Mid-Week Reading July 20,2016

The Reading for Wednesday, July 20, 2016 is from the Silver Witchcraft Tarot by Barbara Moore and Franco Rivolli.  Lo Scarabeo, publisher-2014.

Silver WitchCraft Tarot Strength – Six of Pentacles – Ten of Swords

“When you become the image of your own imagination, it’s the most powerful thing you could ever do.”

I’d like to start with the Ten of Swords for today’s reading for it shows a transition in progress and approaching.  The Universe is always in flux and change is occurring all the time.  This time though, the change, the ending will feel more significant.  It may even feel as if you are walking through an energy-barrier field as you pass through this transition.  And pass through, you must.  Sound scary?  Of course it does.  But if there is anything that life has taught me, and hopefully you too, is that to live is to be in motion and always changing.  This ending isn’t to be feared or avoided, but to be looked forward to.  To welcome with your best foot forward and grace in your step.  Endings are beginnings are endings, after-all.

The gossamer strings of the Six of Pentacles show us that not only are we connected to everything but how the Strength card is connected to the Ten of Swords in our reading.   Barbara (I hope she doesn’t mind that I call her by her first name) says of the Pentacles, “(they) express the link and connection between things.  Nothing can really be whole unless it is given manifestation, a body.  In a gesture, Pentacles would be the motion.  In a shape, Pentacles would be the form.  In Pentacles, it’s important to think about threads, connections, grounding, roots, manifestations: everything is one, and the relation between one and everything, and between everything and one.  You cannot separate the Universe”  pg. 89

The mis-conception of Strength is that one must be all powerful and able to withstand all manner of onslaught.  Wouldn’t that be nice?  In fact, you are more powerful that you probably think.  But strength doesn’t necessarily come in only big burly packages.  Strength comes from within, from that place that you may not even know exists.  A place which rests in the eye-of-the-storm where all is still and quiet no matter what might be happening on the outside.  It stems from that place where confidence, character, integrity, and virtue live.  Don’t think you have these qualities or an abundance?  Never fear, you do.  You just have to be willing to tap into them.  Strength is not a bully so never confuse these aspects.  Strength is channeling what we might think of as character flaws into something used for good.  Strength is grace under pressure.

The Six of Pentacles joins these two forces, connects them, calms them, channels them.  A conduit for safe transfer and transformation.  It is the generous gift of harmony and stability and the safe passage that will guide your steps.  Trust in this.

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