Mid-week reading May 22, 2019

Five of Staves – Seven of Staves – Eight of Cups – Three of Sacred Circles

By bringing together different skill sets, life experiences, and diversities in cooperation to achieve a common goal, you will need to leave behind past practices that no longer serve. Mastery and balance can then be achieved.

Cooperation is the key word. When you have a variety of peoples all working toward the same goal, the only way to achieve success is with cooperation and acceptance of differing views. A strong, but fair leader may be needed to hold all the pieces together. A leader without their own agenda. When you have a group of intelligent and correctly motivated individuals great things can be accomplished. This is not nearly as easy as it sounds. The coming together of experiences can work to everyone’s advantage if outdated practices are allowed to fall by the way side.

The Three of Sacred Circles speaks of ethics and values. “A craft is mastered when (1) the body, (2) the materials and (3) the idea all become one. Work reflects values. Balance between work, social, family and spiritual responsibilities. ”

Today’s reading reflects closely my own work situation. Now, the question is, who has the ability to wrangle this group and get the best possible results, keeping integrity, work ethics, cooperation on all sides and have everyone’s best interests at heart? We shall see.

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