My ‘Best’s’ from RS11

This evening I was looking through some photos online from this past weekend at Readers Studio and was thinking of all the fun I had and all of the wonderful people I had met.  I was shuffling  the deck I am using this week, the Wizards Tarot by Corrine Kenner, and asked the question “what were the best things I came away from RS11 with?  The cards I turned up were just so perfect, that I had to share!

Queen of PentaclesFirst up is the Queen of Pentacles.  On Sunday morning of the conference we revisited our foundation readings that were originally read on Friday.  Bev Haskins, (my foundation reading partner) and I used two of the methods from the workshops over the weekend we had used to revisit and add to our foundation readings.  A significator  was added, along with the MA card that corresponds with our birth sun sign.  My significator was, you guessed it, the Queen of Pentacles!

On Saturday, Bonnie Cehovet and I teamed up for the workshop on how to create a Tarot Spread, with Barbara Moore. We randomly pulled the Knight of Pentacles to use as our inspiration and created a pretty cool, (we think/thought so) tarot spread called the Ribbon of Time.   I plan to do a post on that spread soon.

The next card up is the Ace of Cups, which represents for me all the friendships  I made, all of the warmth and love there was in abundance, and the free flowing emotion experienced.

The Initiate, (The Fool) was the role, we as RS virgins, stepped into when we entered through the doorway.  At the opening ceremony on Friday, those of us that this marked our virgin experience with the Readers Studio, were each given a packet with instructions to not open until the ceremony.   We were asked to stand at the appointed time and to open our envelopes.  Inside was a small wooden rod with a small bag complete with tiny replicas of the four aces.  We placed our rods onto our shoulder as we were “initiated” into the RS club.

Ace of Cups & The Initiate As wonderful as all this sounds, and was, this is only a glimpse into my weekend with my Tarot Family, an example  of some of the Best things I came away with from RS11.  Not to mention that the Wizards Tarot was also one of the ‘bests’ to come away from RS with.

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