My Interview with Tarot in the Land of Mystereum

I can tell right away that as a Tarot deck you are different.  Please tell me about yourself.  What is your most important characteristic?

The Hanged Man:  I am just one step in the Archetypal Imagination on the journey through the Major Arcana, one of the ‘big idea’ guys, if you will.  My big idea and important characteristic for this interview I guess would be vulnerability.  By being vulnerable, to positive influences of course, you open yourself up to more possibilities and may glimpse illumination.  When you hang around suspended as I do all day, you learn to stop resisting, to just Be.  Once this is accomplished, your spirituality, dreams, and intuition are heightened and clearly sensed – you may feel forever changed by a Hanged Man experience.   To experience the full potential of the Tarot in the Land of Mystereum, you will need to be open; to be a bit vulnerable and allow your imagination to go places you would never have dreamed of going before.   For the best results when working with me on a personal level, don’t be in a big hurry.  Relax and hang out with me for awhile.

What would you consider to be your strengths as a Tarot deck?

The Lovers: Respect and love would be our strengths.  Not only respect for ourselves and each other, but for anyone that we may come in contact with.  “Love is indicated as the ultimate, reciprocal respect and embrace of one identity for another.”  Our strength lies not so much in union, but through enhancement and blending.  We complement and honor individuality; we do not attempt to change them.  We honor and respect the differences and through love the result is harmony.  Love and respect are two different concepts, but one does not exist well without the other – joined together though, they create something beautiful.

What are your limits?  Do you feel you have any?

Three of Cups: Limits?  Well we suppose that everything and everyone has limits to some degree, but, for the purpose of this question I would have to answer yes, we do have limits.  We don’t actually have any built in as we neither set nor sanction them.  No, our limits, if any, are found in the reader.  This is a human concept and condition, and one that is thrust upon us at times.  We, on the other hand, are about celebration.  We celebrate you, your ideas, your imagination and creativity!  These are all limitless.  If you don’t set many limits with us, then who knows how far we can go?

What are you here to teach us? (me)

Page of Cups: To have fun!  To follow your dreams!  To remind you to not take yourself too seriously, to be playful and to frolic – when was the last time you frolicked?  You can still grow and learn and be playful all at the same time.  Be open to new and wonderful discoveries and greet them with an open heart.  Embrace all the beauty that life has to offer, and never take a moment for granted.

How can I best learn from and collaborate with you?

10 of Swords: Whoa!! Now, hear me out before you go getting your britches in a bunch!  First, let’s start on solid ground.  “Rock bottom is a strong place to stand.  Plant your feet strongly on solid ground and look up!  Anything visible is probably something better.  Know that you have pulled through.  Take a big breath.  Phewww!”  The worst is over and there is only one direction to go now, UP!  Now is the time to release pain, disappointment, and anguish.   It time to move on and up.  You must realize that your life is full of ups and downs, joys as well as pain, but I will always be there for you, to help you get through the rough times and help you rejoice in the good times.  I will help you see the light of day when you think the storm has blocked the sun forever.

What is the potential outcome from our working relationship?

10 of Cups:  We welcome you to our family.  It may not appear that we are a traditional family at first, but once you get to know us better, we think you will agree that family we are.  Families, as you know, come in many varieties and complexities.  Some parts are functional, and some parts – not so much.  Dysfunctional or not, if we work together we can accomplish great things.  Together we can overcome obstacles, stalemates, and mayhem, or we can love, accept, respect, and sometimes find contentment.   Sometimes, we can even do all these things simultaneously.   No matter the circumstance, we love to count our blessings.  We want to help you do the same.  We have a gift to offer you, to feel the strength that shines inside and out when everything you love works together.

Wow.   I know we have barely scratched the surface in this interview, but, do you have any final words for us?

The Empress:  I would like to leave you with a sort of blessing.  “I would like to give you your treasure from this part of Mystereum.  Before I do, I would like you to close your eyes and remember this:  In The Land of Mystereum and your imagination, you are the boss.  As you learn and grow, you will experience things.  Old things.  New things.  You will experience things that enhance  you.  Things that will change you.  Things that will strengthen you.  You will also enhance things with your influence.  You are strong and aware.  Keep sight of that, Dearheart.  Now please slowly open your eyes.”

“By the way, tell my son, The Hanged Man, hello with love when you meet him.”  -The Empress-

I would like to say Thank You to Tarot in the Land of Mystereum for taking time out for this informative and fun interview.  For more information about this intriguing deck,  its Artist and Author, please visit Jordan Hoggard at  ‘Mystereum Tarot’.

The deck can be purchased here:

This interview format is based on The “New Deck Interview Spread” created by Fire Raven, and can be found at Aeclectic Tarot.


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  1. Thank You! What an inspired idea to interview the characters in The Land of Mystereum! They speak in the 1st person in the book. Wonderful and brilliant idea to literally interview them, to interview the cards! I am plussed and proud of how they are living on their own expressed in your interview. Thank You!
    The cards were all raising their hands from across the room, some more than others ;-D . . . so, obliging them, they all grouped up for a good shuffle. As The Emperor was drawn, he stepped up to say, “I notice and value the way you develop your natural sense of order in the presence of the places you make, and the step-by-big-step energy of the way YOU practice like no other.”

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