Oracle Guidance

Oracle Guidance for week beginning Sunday, June 30, 2013 comes from the Green World Oracle by Kathleen Jenks, art by Sandra Stanton.

Sycamore Fig Green World OracleSycamore Fig

From the companion book:  “The sycamore addresses patterns of self-doubt, especially in intellectual, scientific, or creative work.  These and other patterns lie at deep levels where you have lost something you valued, it might be a loved one, a whole phase of your life, confidence, health, ambition, life-style, even a special project you have just completed. 

You may feel postpartum depression, lost, aimless, and unclear about where to go next.  Into this unlikely Wasteland comes the gentle goddess of the Milky Way, Hat-Hor (Hathor).  Perched in a sycamore tree, she feeds the newly dead, whom she does not distinguish from the newly born, from a pail of sweet, rich milk.  She tilts her pail and streams of star-milk pour down through the branches to the opened mouths of her children”  Pg. 244

This week will be a time for rest and recuperation.  It’s your turn to be “nursed” and you should allow this process to occur organically.  Time heals all, and sometimes you need to give yourself “permission” to take the time that’s needed. 

“Let whatever in you feels “newly dead” be open to nourishment from the mother-soul.  Deep rest is needed.  This is no time for major decisions.  Let yourself be a passive child waiting expectantly to be fed.  The world-mother has not forgotten you.  She created you from star-milk – now she feeds you with it.”

Here’s hoping you have a restful and restorative week.



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  1. Kathleen Jenks says:

    What A lovely card & reading you chose for this week, Koneta. Thank you!

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