Oracle Guidance

Oracle Guidance for week beginning September 1, 2013 brought to you by the Green World Oracle by Kathleen Jenks (illustrated by Sandra Stanton.

Green World Oracle - Beech To avoid burnout, take the time to recharge your batteries and reserves.  Make the time to hang out and commune with the people who can help you and in turn you will help them by completing the re-charge circuit and everyone benefits.

“Beeches like their own company and survive best in dense forests, where some have lived for nearly 250 years.  Those growing in more open spaces tend to develop heavy, gnarled branches – and then, with little warning, they may die.  Denied closer companionship, it is as if they see no point in continuing such extravagant growth.

Drawing Beech points to such a non-abusive period of quiet friendship and mutual support.  It is a “we” tree, not an “I” tree, which is not to suggest that you will have to submerge your individuality.  On the contrary, in the midst of generous and calm companionship, you will be free to grow into your own potential without the constant stress of competition.  This will bot be a time of exciting high drama, but your basic needs will be met and you will be able to grow strong and tall, secure in the company of those who share your values and beliefs.”  (pg. 60)




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