Oracle Guidance

The Oracle Guidance for week beginning Sunday, September 22, 2013 comes from The Faeries’ Oracle by Brian Froud and Jessica Macbeth.

Gawtcha - The Faeries' Oracle“Gawtcha”

Sudden shock. Unexpected events. Rude awakenings.

“Gawtcha in a reading speaks to us of sudden, often violent, breakdowns of existing structures, habits, patterns, and/or attitudes.  When we become too tightly confined by our own self-imposed limitations (including the desire for comfort and security), Gawtcha kindly breaks the structure restraining us–whether we think we want him to or not.”

Gatcha knows we like to build sturdy, rigid structures in our minds and lives, but he also know that these often are not good for us.  Sometimes, we even complain about them muttering about life being dull and boring–yet we cling to them tenaciously.  So, to help us along, Gawtcha kindly delivers these sudden surprises.  “It’s hard,” Gawtcha says, “doing such a difficult job.  It’s enough to drive a faery to drink.”   ~Jessica Macbeth (pg. 175-176)

Gawtch it seems has a hard lesson to teach, but as always, his lessons are important.  Do not dread or fear the lesson that is coming to you.  It’s tailor made just for you and you probably don’t have much of a choice about it anyway.

To see if there was any Faery help to take the sting out, I drew two more cards.

The Faeries' Oracle“Not all meanings are meant to be clear at once.  Some ideas take time.  Some worlds are designed to lead us on inner journeys, with truth hidden deep inside them.” ~Brian

The Singer wants you to listen to your intuition, to trust yourself, and be patient.  She radiates special illumination and insight on other cards around her.

‘Himself’ is a bit more complicated.  “He has the magic of procreation, of dancing the spark of life into being.  At the other end of our lives, he is the one who dances the great dance of life and death, and dances open the gate between the worlds so that the dead may pass beyond.  This card in a reading can indicate great vitality, victory, or triumph, confidence, and power.  There is leadership, an ability to command, steadfastness, and integrity–wild power held and channeled for the good of all by will.”  pg. 85

Trust that you will be able to handle and overcome whatever surprises or upheavals that are coming to you.  Greet them with grace, learning the lesson(s) set forth, and coming out bright and shiny on the other side.









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