Oracle Guidance April 28, 2013

Oracle Guidance for the week beginning Sunday, April 28, 2013 is brought to you by the Pearls of Wisdom Tarot by Roxi Sim and the Resonance Oracle Cards by Dara Caplan.

“Blessings in Disguise” 

(Even though you didn’t ask for them.)

Do you ever feel you’d be better off if the Universe didn’t try to help you out so much?  Stop helping!  You’ve done enough already! ??  No.  Me either.  🙂

The Tower sprang from the deck and is paired with the Four of Swords rounded out by the Earthen Roots card.

Pearls of Wisdom Tarot, Resonance Oracle Cards

At first glace you might think, “Oh no! Not the dreaded Tower! We’re all doomed!”  Or some such crazy drama-queen nonsense.  Granted, sometimes that IS the scenario, but not necessarily this time.  Do you have a tendency to overreact when disappointed or when you find out you were wrongThings need to change, and the only way to do that effectively (usually) is to really shake things up, turn them upside down if necessary, rearrange what works and discard what doesn’t.  And now… for a LWB moment:

“The Tower invites self-examination.  Grieve your grief.  Disperse your resistance.  Find clarity within yourself.  The Tower invites regrouping and reorganization, but not before you have examined and experienced all its lessons.  Although the intellect strives toward order, it is not in your best interest to try to set things right before chaos has completed it lessons.” 

For me, this means its time to practice what I preach.  Do the work.  The hard work.  Face what needs to be faced, accept what IS.  Release old perspectives and idealism’s that just don’t work anymore.

Whew!  After all that I’m going to need a nap.  A long one.  Once the dust has settled, it’s time to ruminate.  Take time to gather your thoughts, allow the process to happen organically, don’t try to force it.  As your thoughts begin to coalesce you should be able to visualize the change, realize the reason behind it (Light-bulb!) and your world should make sense again.  LWB break – Four of Swords Wisdom bite:

“Self imposed limitation.  Rest, recovery, retreat, respite, replenishment.  Sabbatical.  Consulting inner resources.  Searching for a new perspective or viewpoint.  Seek to discover what it is that has brought you to a stand still.  Let go.  You are preparing for growth.”

Now to ’round’ all this out or up or whatever…

How do we get through all this Tower and upheaval business?  With advice from the the Resonance Oracle Cards, specifically the Earthen Roots card.

“It is time to reconnect to the Earth Mother which supports us all.  She is the life giver, and it is good to feel her warmth and energy when you are feeling adrift.  To reconnect with our point of origin reminds us that we have a “home” and can never truly be lost.  You’ve been cooped up to long; it’s time to breathe in fresh air and be free!  Go outside and BE”

And now, it’s time for the gratuitous Cliche’ (but true!) part: Keep things in perspective.  Don’t get hung up on the “little” stuff – the stuff and fluff that in the long run and bigger picture really don’t matter anyway.  Accept that change is a constant and beating your head or your tiny ineffectual little fists against the wall, isn’t going to stop it.  Embrace the process, painful though it may be, and allow the healing to begin as it’s really a Blessing in Disguise.    Even if you really didn’t ask for one. 

Wishing one and all a Break-Through week with as little discomfort as possible.  Put in the hard work….you’ll be glad you did.


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