Oracle Guidance – April 7, 2013

This week’s Oracle Guidance beginning Sunday April 7, 2013 comes from the               72 Names Cards by Orna Ben-Shoshan.

“What guidance will serve the highest good in the coming week?     

Card 69 - 72 Names Cards Card 69 – PerspectiveChallenging situations in the family that stem from the past call you to use your stamina and clear the fog.  Possible confrontations with a relative over unfair distribution of family assets (maybe an inheritance).  An obscure condition that caused sorrow in the family and left you misplaced and confused.

Direction:  Someone you know is holding all the assets in their hands, and not sharing them with others.  You have to be the compass and lead the situation to a fair solution.  Use your organizational skills and apply creative thinking to brings things to their natural order. 

Bottom line:  Vagueness and confusion will clear away as you dig into the past and shed light on the root of the misconstruction. (lwb)

This does not necessarily have to be something material that is being withheld, this could also be referring to information, affection, or emotional support.   Misunderstandings stemming from past miscommunications is likely at the root of the present situation.

In an attempt to shed more light on this Card 57 - 72 Names Cardsreading, Card 57 was pulled.

Perspective:  You try to figure out how to solve a pressing financial problem, challenges at work or complicated family matter.  There are many options to choose from.  You are facing too many external interruptions and need to be left alone in order to think clearly and deal with a problem.

Whatever the “family”  issue happens to be, it appears it will be front and center this week, and will need your full attention and focus.  You need not be influenced by those around you who may just be trying to help, but have their own agenda.  The solution you seek lies within already.  You just need to trust your instincts and what your intuition is telling you.  Seek solace from outside influences to search your heart and to better listen to your own inner voice.

Wishing one and all ease in conflict resolutions.  Have a terrific week!



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