Oracle Guidance January 18, 2015

Oracle Guidance for week beginning Sunday, January 18, 2015 is from the Art Through The Starstream Oracle by Cheryl Yambrach Rose – 2014

Avalon Starstream Oracle“Avalon Starstream Oracle” 

expanded meaning:  “Visualize and embody the Goddess of Avalon when you ask your question.  She  is directly linked to our deepest spiritual origins.  She knows all.”

The Lady of Avalon has been the Spirit of Place ever since humans walked the surface. She sits on her lion throne where she can envisage our past, present and future.  She embodies the land in her heart-centered energy.  The portal in the sky opens to the Pleiades and to the star brethren she perceives and knows. ~pg. 49 companion booklet~

On Friday of last week we were asked to think about about whether we are doing what we are meant to do, to answer the call of our soul and live our purpose.  If you know what it is you are being called to, wonderful! but if you aren’t sure or need more clarification, take the advice of the Avalon Starstream Oracle, embody the goddess and seek her wisdom.  Listen  to your heart and to what your soul sings to you because it is there that the Goddess abides.  In you and through you.  Fear not listening and acting on what you are being told as YOU are the Oracle.

The Healing of Avalon

Towards the middle of the week we need to incorporate our physical and mental states with our spiritual quest.  Not only must we tend to our spiritual calling/needs but to the physical health of our bodies and our minds.  This should be a lot easier if we have already discovered  and accepted our calling.

“The Healing of Avalon”

expanded meaning: “Stop sending the old programs to your cells; they are listening! Breaking those negative habits and replacing them with positive affirmations is not enough – you must believe them.  This has now been scientifically proven.  It is a truth that must be internalized to be healthy.” ~pg. 108 companion booklet

Glastonbury, England Known as Avalon, is the heart chakra of the earth.  The heart contains neurons, has a brain and its own kind of intuitive intelligence.  In the painting, the healer has the caduceus symbol over his heart while he share the crystal grail cup of the healing water of Avalon with his beloved.  The white horse representing spirit watches as the blue rose of immortality blooms.  Love turns on the codons in your DNA, and is the language of the heart talking to the brain.  It creates a state of harmony and bliss in the cells that is the catalyst to good health and spontaneous healing.

Create the Pathways“Elen of the Ways”

expanded meaning:  “Be the facilitator for others to follow.  Use discernment in marking out that path, weighing whether it us useful and leading to a positive journey.”

As we bring the week to a close you must be all that closer to knowing where your path lies, how to proceed on our way, and the direction we are to take.  For me this reading (along with last weeks) has shown me (unequivocally) the path that I am to be on.  There have been hints over the past few years, which I’ve not really taken seriously, but that has changed and I will pursue it to the best of my abilities.  I hope you too have seen the clear path you are to travel down. It’s time to begin the journey.

“Elen of the Ways has a long enigmatic history going back to the Paleolithic era. She is the Goddess linked to the celestial swan of the star system cygnus. Ancient shamanic people revered these stars, and Elen was their Goddess of Shamanic flight.  On the ground, she wore the antlers as did the female reindeer.  The female reindeer was strong, kept her antlers through the year, and led the herd. The Gaelic word for Swan is Ela. Her associations with deer and swan appear in ancient art and sculpture.  Following the herd provided people with a varied seasonal diet that kept them naturally healthy.  Even today, Shamankas from Glastonbury to Siberia don the antlers in praise of Elen.” ~pg. 93 companion book~


“The meaning of life is to find your gift.  The purpose of life is to give it away.”  ~William Shakespeare

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