Oracle Guidance March 22, 2015

Oracle Guidance for week beginning Sunday, March 22, 2015 is from the Magical Times Empowerment Cards by Jody Bergsma, U.S. Games Systems, Inc., 2013.

Magical Times“Today I will look deep within myself, remember my destiny and who I really am.  I will not let others influence me.  I will follow my heart regardless of what others tell me to do.  I know my dreams will guide me to my greatness.  Today I will align with my mission and feel the power of purpose.”  ~Jody Bergsma

og032215b“Today I will let kindness grow in me.  I will be gentle with myself and give my soul the love it deserves.  I will focus on everlasting love and let it gently flow into the world.  I am alive, my gratitude knows no bounds, and my heart now overflows with love and kindness.” ~Jody Bergsma

og032215c“Today I will take a leap of faith and spread my wings.  I will shine the light from within and know my strength.  For I am not alone.  A greater power than me is by my side.  I will ask and receive.  The still small voice that I have been waiting to hear will come and guide me. ~Jody Bergsma

This week’s guidance is about acknowledging how far you have come in your personal and spiritual journey.  It’s about realizing how much you have grown in getting to know yourself, and accepting who you are, all of who you are.  You’re learning how to love yourself and realize  that it makes understanding others and their motives easier.  You have felt your perspective shift as you’ve been traveling and can now see your connection to everything and everyone around you.  And most importantly, you understand that Your journey isn’t ending as you take your next leap of faith and continue on……..

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