Reading August 23, 2019

Knight of Swords – Page of Cups – Two of Cups

“You can have everything you want if you can put your heart and soul into everything you do.”  ~ Roy T. Bennett

The weekend is upon us, even-though I have to work most of it, it looks to be a good weekend in spite of that. The Knight of Swords is full of piss and vinegar, (as my grandmother used to say) meaning in a moments notice he is ready to go. His energy has been pent-up and he’s ready to cut loose. Harness this energy and direct it where you need it the most. Otherwise it might fizzle out too soon. The Page of Cups is ready for an adventure, possibly a romantic destination. Keep your options open. The Two of Cups reinforces this idea, but does not necessarily refer to just matters of the heart. It suggests this is a good time to strengthen relationships you already have whether they be of a romantic nature, close friendships, and/or other partners. With all this energy it should be a good time to meet and make new friends. Remember, the Page of Cups says to keep an open mind and keep your options open. 😉

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