Reading February 14, 2014

The reading for Friday, February 14, 2014 comes from the Dream Raven Tarot by Beth Seilonen, Schiffer Publishing 2013.   (Dream Raven Tarot review can be seen HERE.)


King of Swords, Five of Cups, Page of Pentacles

“Warning Signs”

Dream Raven TarotEver have one of those “Tower” moments, when you think you had no prior warning?  Just becauseThe Tower didn’t turn up doesn’t mean there haven’t been warning signs.   For instance the Five of Pentacles showing up at least 3 times, and the Five of Cups at least twice over the past week – Not to mention the appearance of the Three of Swords.  Do all these add up to the Tower?  Well yes, in my case they did.  What is a Tower moment, you ask?  For me it was a revelation that was totally unexpected that felt much like a punch in the gut.  So, now what do I do after my cookie has completely crumbled?  I grab my broom to help in the clean up. 

*(Too melodramatic? I spilled my milk too, but I’m not gonna cry about that either!)* 

The King of Swords is nothing if not a logical thinker, planner, and facilitator.  (Even if he was the wrecking-ball operator)  He’s trying to pick up the pieces, build something new, and rally the troops to get the job done.  BTW, and just to be clear…I’m a disgruntled member of the troops.

This is where the Five of Cups comes into play.  Seilonen says that, “The focus of this card is to let go.  This event may stress and cause depressed thoughts that may flow through your mind as a touch of a fear of what is to fill the void.  However, grasp the chalices and be ready to refill them with new ideas, dreams, and beliefs.”   What’s done is done and there’s no changing that and I may as well just shut up about it and move on.  Leg go of the disappointment and bewilderment and see what can be done to rectify the situation.  Hopefully better than before. 

The Page of Pentacles is bursting with ideas for new opportunities and he’s quite excited to share them with you.  Don’t shoot him down before he has the chance to infect you with his enthusiasm.  You need to hear some new ideas and to bring fresh eyes to the situation.  If you’re willing, he will open your eyes helping you to see the new construction (to the crumbled cookie)  and it’s possibilities. 

How would you read this combo?  What do you see?  is it relevant to you, today?

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