Reading for Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Reading for Tuesday, August 18, 2015 is from the Tarot D: The Didactic Tarot by Jeffrey M. Donato 2015 – Schiffer Publishing Ltd.

Tarot D - The Didactic TarotThe Tower – The Tremors of the Stricken Tower

Meaning:  chaotic, terrifying, competitive, dynamic, impulsive, power, motivation, resourcefulness, investigative, passionate, vengeful, temperamental, disruption, upheaval, crumbling, eclipse, rapid change, downfall, revelation, release, crisis, eruption, being humbled, suffering, realization, cataclysm.

In the Tarot D Tower, the battle and lightening strikes allow the prisoners to escape thus setting them free.  The hero of this story, Fledgling, was cast in the tower where he was expected to remain for all time.  The Tower being struck down was a lucky day for him, not the cataclysmic event that we normally associate with this card.  His freedom helped to insure that growth and life would continue anew.

Often when our world is shaken up and turned upside down, we fail to see the upside until much later, or in some rare cases, not at all.  Everyone has their own Tower’s -self imprisonment structures- and in many cases, we aren’t always aware we have locked ourselves inside.  It’s only when some life changing event occurs to destroy our fortress, that we can realize the freedom we had missed.  When the walls begin to crumble you will feel exposed and will try to hide in the rubble, but soon the taste of freedom from that false security, will draw you out.  You hold the key to unlocking your Tower.  Now, all you need do is turn it in the lock.

The Key

Through time and space the years flow by

Into the universe we gaze

The answer just beyond your grasp

The search is never ending.

To search and yearn for wisdom and grace

Always beyond your reaching

Then disappointment fills your skies

and hides the sun from your face.

It is inside then you must look for the sun to shine again

To dry your tears and warm your soul

The questing heart eternal.

It’s then you begin to realize the answers lie within

Locked away and guarded well

The promises of treasure hidden.

So look and see what’s in your heart

Behind the high deep walls

The answers lay within my friend

For your perusal all along.

Through introspection you will find

The answers were there all the time

Awaiting your discovery at last

to sing your unsung song.

The door unlocked, the walls are down

How free you’ll finally be

To feel the warmth of the sun once more

For now you hold the key.

~Koneta Bailey

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