Reading for week of April 1, 2019

The Bridge – Where I am, Where I am going, and how to get there gracefully.
The Chrysalis Tarot by Toney Brooks and Holly Sierra- 2014 US Games Systems, Inc.

Chrysalis Tarot

Where I am: Ace of Mirrors. This ace might suggest a conflict between head and heart. Follow my heart, yet, be cautious when making decisions using a balance of ration when emotional decisions are being made. The author suggests that many times emotional decisions are made and then later rationalized, rather that the other way around. I think we can all agree with that statement. It’s so easy to rationalize any decision made, after the fact.

Where I’m going: The Eight of Stones. “The cauldron implies ceremony; the pictograms imply magic and belief, and the animals imply ritual and survival.” The stones represent being grounded by earth energy – meditation is one way to achieve being grounded. This card suggests success is coming my way. Past endeavors are coming to fruition. This card also suggests preparing for a transition.

The Bridge: How to arrive gracefully. The Celtic Owl, or the Hanged Man, is about a change of perspective and patience. It’s also about the seen and unseen worlds as symbolized by the Celtic design of the artwork. To achieve the ability to see into the unseen world, you must take on the attributes of the Celtic Owl, patience, imagination and frequent contemplation. “Only if you embrace the divine light can Celtic Owl help you attain the harmony, peace and transformation taught by all the great sages.”

Becoming more grounded in my physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual worlds, is the goal. Through patience, gaining new perspective, and the belief of the inter-connectivity of the seen and unseen worlds, the goal can be attained. Sometimes I allow my spiritual practices and study fall low on my list of priorities and need the nudge to get back on track. The transition which is alluded to in the Eight of Stones gives The Bridge card that added umph to bring it all home.

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