Reading June 24, 2017

Today’s reading is from the Tarot of Dreams by Ciro Marchetti and Lee Bursten.  2005, 2015.  US Games Systems, Inc.

Tarot of Dreams Two of Cups – Palace of Wands – Five of Wands

“Home, the spot of earth supremely blest,
A dearer, sweeter spot than all the rest.”
–   Robert Montgomery


What does “Home” mean to you?

Today’s reading centers around “home”.  Whatever that word means to you.  Home, is subjective to the individual.  Home to you might mean a structure where you spend the majority of your time, the place where you lay your head at night, prepare your meals, that place where you feel the most comfortable and safe.  I’ve heard people say, “I’m going home this week-end, meaning the place of their roots, the place or town where they grew up or from where their parents are from.  For nomadic folks, home is where ever they are at that particular time.  To me, home is more a state of mind rather than a house or apartment.  Now, having said that, does not mean I have no preference where my house is, because I do.

The Palace cards, in the Tarot of Dreams, was added after the first edition of the deck was created and are the real estate cards, one for each suit.  Ciro described the Palace of Wands as:  “glorious sunsets, in warm lush garden settings“.  This palace encourages creative inspiration and the launching of plans and projects. The structure is built into a mountaintop, suggesting both the long climb ahead and also the attainability of the goal. (pg. 70)  A very nice piece of real estate indeed.  But as nice and welcoming as it is, this particular piece of real estate can take on many sizes and shapes and still hold the same home qualities that we want and need for our peace of mind and comfort.

The Five of Wands is about battle, or struggle.  Teaming up against a common foe.  While the Two of Cups is about partnerships, relationships, sharing and affection.  It’s going to take a strong relationship and cooperation in a struggle on the home front.  This battle seems to be coming from the outside, as the Five of Wands suggests joining forces to battle for a common goal.  The participants must take on their fare share of the burden of battle, because it’s gong to take a team effort.

However this scenario plays out, Home is sure to be intact when the dust settles, whether it is the physical or the metaphorical Home.




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