Reading June 27, 2017

Reading for Tuesday, June 27,2017 from the Bonefire Tarot by Gabi Angus-West-2016.  Schiffer Publishing, Inc.

Bonefire Tarot Temperance – Nine of Wands – Six of Swords

“Neither shall I boast or brag, nor turn away, but take my medicine as the Universe sees fit to dispense, to care for my wounds, to accept the sentence, and move on from these troubled waters.”

Any confrontation or battle is bound to leave scars.  They need not be deep scars, but depending on your situation, all involved parties will come away with their own wounds to tend to.  Whether you happen to be the defeated or victor, today’s message is about how you should react to the outcome.  Minimally.

While the Nine of Wands is usually seen as a card of defense, the Bonefire version is a bit different.  There is a lot of energy that has been expended, and the man emerges from the cave after facing his foes.  He is the victor, but it was not an easy battle and he does not come away unscathed.  Victories aren’t always what we expect and can bring unforeseen compromises.

“This Nine of Wands represents an escape.  You have been confined by an idea or way of doing something and you have stood your ground.  You put up with it, as long as you could, but have been forced to bust out and break free.  The fiery wands bring you the energy and will to make this really happen.”  (pg 81)

The Six of Swords is knowing when it is time to move on.  There is an air of acceptance and with that the realization that it’s time to let go, time to put the person-place-or-thing behind you and move on to the next chapter.  The author, Gabi Gingus-West describes the scene:  the swords above the boat represent beliefs, ideas, and opinions we have already experienced.  They were a weight lifted from the shoulders of the figure in the boat, but still they hang precariously.  “They may keep them all close if they like, in the form of knowledge to be called upon as necessary but not allowed to drop lower and risk piercing the fragile craft.  Signifying, beliefs weigh very heavy if you choose or happen to carry then around on your shoulders; they can limit your freedom of movement and serve to close off a once-open mind.” (pg. 104)

Which brings us to Temperance, the Angel of ModerationAct with moderation.  Deliberately blend ingredients in your life to create gold.  Add a little water your your wine.  Find your spiritual center.  Exert caution in interactions.  Test the waters.

The author suggests that when Temperance, appears in a reading that a cooling-off period is called for and a time for reflection.  Take time to digest the outcome, to heal, and decide on your next step.  Don’t overreact.  Caution, is the word of the day, in all your interactions.

“Cooling off near a crossroads, she inches closer to dealing with the loss of ‘Death’ and finds she is ready to move on.  She becomes the witch, or the alchemist, mixing a little of her old ways with the flavors and ingredients needed for her new life.  A Potent potion concocted to ingest and make her strong enough to face the world.  In a reading, the seeker may have learned some serious life lessons, been changed by them, and be desirous of a life more in tune with material and spiritual needs.”  (pg. 45)


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